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Special Education Law

Every child in New Jersey, including those with disabilities, is entitled to a free and appropriate public education. For a child with special needs, this means that public school districts must offer a wide range of educational services and settings designed to meet his or her individual education needs as adequately as the needs of nondisabled students are met.  These educational settings can include, but are not limited to, education in regular classes; education in regular classes with the use of related aids and services; special education and related services in a separate classroom for all or portions of the school day; special education at home; or special education in a private or public institution.  In addition, education in any of the aforementioned settings may be accompanied by related services such as speech therapy; occupational and physical therapy; psychological counselling; and medical diagnostic services necessary to the child’s education

Whether you know the special educational setting and/or services your child requires but are having difficulty obtaining them or you need assistance in determining the appropriate educational setting and/or services for your child, the attorneys at Wolkstein, Von Ellen & Brown, LLC can help you navigate the process with compassion and strength.