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Family Law Counsellors

At Wolkstein, Von Ellen & Brown, we specialize in all aspects of family law, including divorce, support, custody arrangements, child relocation issues, division of assets and property, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, separation and marital agreements, cohabitation agreements, post judgment issues, appeals, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, arbitration and mediation.

Because we focus exclusively on family law, we are able to use our knowledge, experience and reputations to our client’s best advantage. Our thoroughness and vigilance in remaining current in our knowledge and understanding of frequent changes in the law, is invaluable as we counsel our clients through some of life’s most challenging personal ordeals.

In fact, our clients rely on our empathy and understanding as much they do on our advice and advocacy skills. And because issues can arise “down the road,” even after we resolve their initial matters, our clients know we are here for them for the long term.