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Collaborative Divorce

In our effort to assist clients in resolving their family-related disputes, we are mindful that some clients prefer to resolve their issues outside of the court system. The collaborative approach is relatively new in New Jersey, but its popularity is growing as has occurred in several other states. Collaborative Law requires both parties to pledge to reach an agreement instead of having a judge decide the issues. With the assistance of their attorneys as well as any other necessary professionals, there is a great opportunity for creative and constructive problem-solving. Collaborative Divorce allows a greater ability to maintain control over the important decisions affecting your family by agreeing to be solutions-oriented. The goal is not to yield “winners” and “losers” but instead to provide you with the opportunity to develop independent lives while preserving post-divorce family relationships.

Jamie and Marc have each been trained as Collaborative Law Practitioners in their ongoing efforts to meet the varying needs of their clients. Marc is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Collaborative Practice ( and Jamie is a member of the New Jersey Center for Collaborative Divorce and Mediation (