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Arbitration is another form of alternative dispute resolution in which two parties agree to appear before one or more arbitrators, who then review the case and render a legally binding decision.

Like mediation, arbitration can be significantly less costly and time-consuming than litigating a matter in court. However, there the similarities between the two methods end. Whereas mediators assist the disputing parties in coming to an agreement, an arbitrator passes judgment after listening to and evaluating the merits of each party’s case.

Both Jamie and Marc received their arbitration training through the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and are members of the New Jersey Divorce Arbitrator’s Association which is a select group of divorce attorneys who have received this specialized training. That training, coupled with their extensive family law background, provide Jamie and Marc with an informed perspective and deep insight into the complex factors involved in issuing a ruling in these cases. It also inspires confidence in the parties and their attorneys who know that their case is being fairly, expeditiously and expertly evaluated.