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Calming the Waters

Clients facing a difficult divorce, custody dispute or other family-related matter often experience uncertainty about their future. Some may never have required a family law attorney’s services before, and may find it stressful to share their most personal struggles. We understand their trepidation and strive to put them at ease as we listen to and assess their concerns, needs and goals. 

Setting the Right Course

Every client’s situation is different, therefore the strategy and objectives that work for one may not be suitable for another. We work closely with our clients to devise the best strategy for their unique circumstances. Recognizing that this may be uncharted territory, we take the time to educate and explain to clients the legal and practical thinking behind our recommendations.

Making Smart Decisions

Choices made in the heat of the moment can have unintended and long-term consequences. Our goal is to help our clients make the best decisions for their families and their futures. We provide them with in-depth information and sound, objective advice, helping to defuse the highly charged emotions that sometimes cloud decision-making.  We provide clients with the benefit of our experience by helping them to understand the strategies necessary to meet their best interests.

Resolving Disputes

With our experience as mediators, litigators, arbitrators, and collaborative divorce practitioners, we have the expertise to bring disputes to a favorable resolution.  We will strive to achieve amicable resolution, but will also advocate aggressively in court when necessary.